Do you need to land? (as a software developer)

Mauricio Matias C.
3 min readApr 25


My metaphorical “piggy bank”

These days I have been searching for a Job. I have some years of experience working as a Software Developer, but I realized that understanding technology and being passionate about it is not all.

I had never been interviewed until now, which was another experience. I know companies don’t know you. They are not human beings, and behind always are tradeoffs. What can you provide to them, and what can they provide to you, a mutual relationship (sounds fair), but what a reductionist process.

Maybe I romanticized the word “Job” because “Job” was a synonym for survival many years ago. Now it works the same, but it intrinsically brings you some place in the world. You can be treated by others (non-friends and non-family) as your Job. What you do is what you are? That remembers a popular acronym: “What you see, it’s what you get” (WYSIWYG), but not really.

People are complex, and mini worlds themselves maybe sounds cliche. Think of you, remember you many years ago, bad and good experiences, your capabilities, and your critical thinking about your context, reality, and life; you are not the same. You are evolving. You can change yourself, but that change is not just up to you; society, family, friends, situations, and culture have some influence over you, that previous determinant factors can affect your behavior, thinking, and emotions as never before. Nowadays, we live in a new connected world of content, and all the previous factors are still present even if you don’t want them (sounds a bit sad), but knowing your weaknesses is also a sign of greatness.

Someone weak improves their strengths, and someone strong improves their weaknesses. Knowing yourself is a big step — Marco Aurelio (just kidding, it was me 😆)

People are not here to criticize. We should change the world, if not the reality of others, portions of something that matter step by step. The software could make many life changes (we have many bad and good examples) but not only implies software and technology. It requires social conditions, predisposition to change, laws, politics, and overall human beings. “Software to change the world” is a void phrase because real change comes to people, and I want to be one of those people.

There are no right reasons to do something, but should we have to do something for the right reasons — Séneca 😆, me too

The post image (the broken piggy bank 🐷) hides a really cool meaning. Many years ago, when I was at university, I spent all my money on electronic components. micro-controllers… and that piggy bank was always almost empty and broken to get the money for that purpose. I just loved to do electronic things (I still love it, but I don’t have the time to do it like before).

Now, this piggy bank is almost exploding (because it lost its purpose) and is a reminder of the old me and how all changes (it is not necessarily bad). That is one change of many others that all of us will find. We decide in what way.

Thanks, say good bye your #tecnoamigo cr0wg4n.



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